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How long does the average man last during sex? How long can you last? Chances are you are lasting about the same length of time as most other men. But Now You can last like a porn star. Last as long as you want! Gain Enormous Staying Power!

Now its easy to last longer. With Last Longer pills from the sperm shack, You can last all night long. With these pills you can last five to ten times longer during sex. Not only will you be lasting a lot longer than the average man. Now you can last as long as you want! and with no decrease in sensitivity.

Even if you are already a sex machine. Last Longer Pills will still improve your sexual performance.

Studies have shown the average man lasts about 10-15 minutes. Other studies and Surveys have shown that it takes the average women at least 15-25 minutes to achieve orgasm. In many cases even longer. Unfortunately most women do not achieve climax during sex. more than 70% of the time women are left un satisfied after sex. With Last Longer Pills you can virtually last as long as you want. WIth no decrease in sensitivity. In fact. Last long pills contain herbal aphrodisiacs and herbal compounds that actually increase the sensitivity and pleasure during sex. This unique supplement can help you get an erection easier and faster, maintain a harder erection longer and experience more sensitivity. Why settle for ordinary when you can get extraordinary sex. Start outlasting your partner now, that's right you can easily out last your partner in bed using last longer pills. Turn yourself into a sex machine

Longer lasting sex and a higher libido can be obtained after just a few days of treatment. Have more confidence knowing you can control your ejaculation and wait to shoot your sperm at just the right moment. Imagine how much more intimate and satisfying sex can be when you and your lover can cum together at the exact same moment


At long last a way to Hold Back your sperm Shack, Hold Back Orgasm TIll The Time is Right

Now its easy to hold back your orgasm. You can control when you want to climax with last longer herbal tablets

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